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Log Home Maintenance, Repair, and Consultation

It is recommended that annually or semi-annually, a thorough inspection be done on your log home. This can be done by the homeowner, or we at Top-Coat can provide this service for you. If we are hired to do the inspection, we will Inspect and test all exterior surfaces for water repellency. The stain can look fine on logs and actually be absorbing excessive moisture which will of course lead to rot and other negative issues.

  • All surfaces will be examined for evidence of U.V. damage. When this starts to happen, a re-staining with a stain containing proper U.V. inhibitors will be recommended.
  • All areas will be examined for proper sealant administration and performance.
  • Home will be examined for areas of potential moisture/rot issues.
  • Home will be inspected for potential or existing mold/mildew, and insect infestation.
  • Homeowner will receive a written documentation of what is found during the inspection.

There are different log home maintenance programs available. The log home owner can perform the log maintenance themselves, or can hire Top-Coat to perform any log maintenance needed. If we are hired to do a full log home inspection with log home maintenance, we will also provide all caulk/chinking, Impel Rods, backer rod, etc. and labor that is needed to keep your log home in tip-top shape. Many times we are hired by the owner of log homes that we do restoration work on to come back and do log maintenance program on their log home to keep them in good shape and looking great. Keeping up a log home is much easier and less costly with annual maintenance!