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Impel Rods for Log Homes

Impel Rods are a highly concentrated solid form, water diffusible borate rod. They are ideal for both preventative treatments of high risk areas and remedial treatments in areas with existing decay. Because Impel Rods stop decay when properly used, there is no need to replace decay damaged, yet structurally sound logs! Decay prone and rot hot spot areas at greatest risk include: base logs, corner construction, exposed rafters or overhangs, and below windows, doors, and dormers.

Impel Rods depend on moisture to work. When moisture contents of wood reach levels suitable for decay attack, i.e. (around 25 percent) Impel Rods slowly dissolve and begin to diffuse throughout the moisture saturated wood. The preservative will migrate into the areas of highest moisture, which are at the highest risk from fungal decay. The diffused Impel Rod will adequately and effectively prevent the wood from rotting and decaying because it will not allow the fungus that causes rot to grow. When moisture levels drop below 25 percent, the preservative becomes dormant and provides a reserve, ready to reactivate should decay conducive conditions reoccur. We feel that Impel Rods are an essential part of the protection of your log home, and include them as part of our prevention and restoration system.