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We are Top-Coat Log Home Restoration, LLC.... Simply the Best.... Best Products, Best Processes, Best Guarantee, Best Value.

Log Care Systems Do-It-Yourself with Expert Help

  • Have you ever wanted to restore and maintain your own log home?
  • Dont know where to start?
  • What equipment must be used to restore your log home?
  • Where do you get the equipment and how the heck do you use it?
  • What about products? Which stains and caulks are best?
  • How do you apply them?
  • Why do I need wood preservatives?

*Maybe you just want to save money with todays economy*

If you have asked any of these questions before, we have the perfect solution!! Do-It-Yourself with EXPERT Help!

What we can do for you:

  • Save you 30%- 50% on normal cost
  • Provide all the professional equipment for your project
  • Provide all the professional products for your project
  • We will deliver everything you need and pickup when job is complete
  • Hands-on training to show you exactly how to do each phase and process of your project
  • Expert advice and guidance through every phase of your project or we can do specific processes for you
  • We can save you money on material cost for your project


This is the perfect solution for the hands-on homeowner!

We are the only restoration experts offering this opportunity!!

Think of the benefits of knowing exactly how to care for and maintain your log home Forever!


*****Fee assessed for initial job site consultation******

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