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Borate Treatment for Log Homes

One of the most important ways to protect your investment, your home, is to use a wood preservative on your logs. There are only two times that you can effectively use these products on your logs. When the home is built, before it is stained, or after cob blasting a finish off of your logs, before you re-stain. The wood preservative must be applied to raw wood, so it can soak in and dry underneath the stain.

All wood faces the possibility of rot and insect infestation, even in dry climates. Fungi and insects actually consume the cells of dead wood, often causing severe structural damage that requires log replacement - a costly repair. We use Penetreat to help protect your home from costly damage of rot and insect infestation. Penetreat is a borate based wood preservative. Borates are well known across the world for their protective qualities. Penetreat provides a protective shell coating which helps defend your home against dry, wet, and brown rot, as well as termites, house borers, powder post beetles, and carpenter ants, (to name a few).

Borate is not toxic to people and animals. It will not harm you or your pets. Borates do not affect the natural color or strength of wood. They are completely odorless, and are not corrosive to metal fasteners, nails or screws. When a Penetreat home is properly sealed against moisture, the borates can provide many years of effective protective.